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"Spontaneous creation comes from our deepest being and is immaculately and originally ourselves." 

- Stephen Nachmanovitch


We are playful, art-loving, self-taught foodies with a passion for good quality ingredients and the health benefits behind everything we eat. 

Each cake is a work of art, unique, handmade and exclusively for you. Your imagination is our only limitation.

Conception of our cakes begin with a single line on paper, free of the constraints of time and unburdened by limitations of convention.

Prior to launching our business, we spent a great amount of time in our kitchen perfecting our recipes, techniques and unique designs, with palate and visually delightful results enjoyed by our family and friends. Inspired by the many compliments and requests for repeat performances, we decided to spread the joy to others!

We present to you our long-awaited brainchild - our successful London-based luxury bespoke cake service for those who enjoy and insist on the finer things in all areas of life.


We offer luxury bespoke cakes only. Each cake is a work of art, unique, handmade to order and exclusively for you. We will happily collaborate with you to make your order individual to you by drawing from your inspiration and selecting from a breadth of bespoke features. 

Our cakes and fillings are  junk-free and made from the highest quality ingredients.  We give you the best of both delicious and visually stunning cakes and recommend placing orders as soon as your event date is known.


We love to share our knowledge and teach like minded cakers our tried and tested baking tips  and techniques, and sugar craft design skills.

We welcome all caking abilities, from complete beginners to advanced cakers.

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